OSMM are a business driven e-commerce acquirer who are in the market to create value and drive a mutually beneficial relationship with our Partners and Merchants. We have many years of working in the E-Commerce space in all aspects and we are looking to cultivate relationships with quality Partners whom also understand the business and adopt similar strategies.

We are currently looking to recruit Resellers that could be looking to benefit from the cross-selling of our acquiring services to your Merchants or indeed willing to review a Customised Service for those Partners who may be looking for that additional unique-value offering.  We adopt a very hands-on approach to all Partners and assign a dedicated Senior Account Manager to work with you every step of the way.

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Please note our standard requirements for applications are as follows in addition to a full application audit:

– PCI-DSS standard certificate of compliance from a Mastercard or Union Pay approved auditor
no older than a year from the date of receipt
– 3 years minimum operating experience
– Annual financial reports for the past 3 years and statutory documents of the Company
– Full disclosure in relation to proposed turnover including sales forecast for the next six
months and industry type(s)
– Provision of a minimum of six months processing history
– Disclosure of Know Your Customer policy

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Advantages of working with OSMM

– Efficient chargeback management services
– Streamlined merchant approvals
– Flexible pricing structure
– Merchant and Partner support and training
– Fraud management based on sophisticated rules
– Extensive E-Commerce experience in all types of risk
– 24/7 access to back office for both Merchants and Partners
– Personal service