E-Commerce Acquiring

We offer innovative e-commerce acquiring services to Merchants across Europe and the EEA through our plexus of preferred Partners.  Our service is reliable and flexible and includes processing services.

With a team of seasoned payments executives with many years experience behind the helm, OSMM is able to provide direct Merchant Agreements for larger Merchants and owns proprietary software in order to calculate and ratify savings for those Merchants whom have autogenous experience and capabilities.

Onestopmoneymanager Ltd is a Principal Member of Mastercard and Union Pay International. We focus solely on E-Commerce Acquiring and gained our Principal Membership in accordance with The Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC)

Our Services at a glance:

– E-Commerce
– 3D-Secure
– Address Verification Service

OSMM offers a wide range of services including the offering of 3D-Secure payments which are fundamental to reduce the risk of fraud and provide further protection to our Merchants.  3DSecure is essentially a buyer authentication tool whereby online purchase confidence is increased and reduction in fraud are typical advantages employed through utilisation.

We are able to offer Multi-Currency Acquiring enabling our Merchants to settle and process in the Currency of their choice as according to our current offerings, please contact us today to understand which could be available to you at [email protected]

– 24/7 Access to Online Reporting
– Partner Login
– Merchant Login

Onestopmoneymanager Ltd is proud to be a Premier Member of the Merchant Risk Council.